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Reading spree

At the moment I'm going through all the Rochelle Krich novels I own for a school project since I'd like to introduce my students to her works.

Rochelle Krich is a Modern Orthodox mystery writer. She majored in English literature and taught English for 18 years before she actually started to write. She has now written a total of 14 novels and a few short stories.

Rochelle Krich's books fall into three categories:
- those that stand alone and have no sequel
- those that belong to the Jessie Drake series
- and those that belong to the Molly Blume series.

I've only read one in the first category, "Speak no evil", and highly recommend it to those who enjoy mysteries.

I've read all the Jessie Drake novels, except one. Jessie is a police detective in her early thirties who is slowly reconnecting with her Jewish roots and gradually discovering our rich tradition.

I've read and own all the Molly Blume books. Unlike Jessie, Molly is an observant Jew, even if she took a break from religion when she was a student. The reader gets a glimpse of her spiritual life through her first person narrative.

Apparently Rochelle's enthusiastic readers are both Jews and non-Jews. You can read much more about her works and writing on her website:

You can also listen to a very interesting interview of Rochelle on the radio of the Orthodox Union:

Obviously the best thing to do is to read Rochelle's mysteries.
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