February 19th, 2007


Sharing is therapeutical!

I feel I have a very stressful life at the moment. I rush from one place to another to teach, see previous post, I have a lot of marking to do as our students are doing mock exams to gear up for the summer final exams and home is quite hectic due to my partner's son's relapse into severe depression.

One way for me to keep sane and going is to go online and share other people's thoughts via their blogs and posts.

There a quite a few blogs I enjoy and which I encourage you to browse. You'll find most of them in my blogroll. There are from people in the States, Israel and even Sweden.

As a kid I was always interested in learning about how other children lived. I would borrow books from the library about children in every corner of the world and immerse myself into their lives for a while. I suppose reading other people's blog is an experience which is not unlike my childhood passion.

The difference is that most of the blogs I read regularly are written by Jewish bloggers. I sometimes wonder why but suppose it has to do the limited amount of time I have. As I also read national and international news online, I reckon that when I read blogs I am looking for ideas that are enlightening, thought-provoking and enriching, views which inspire me and to which I can respond quickly. Hence the exclusive quality of what I enjoy perusing daily.

Shavoua tov everybody!