April 12th, 2007


Support Israel!

Like a few other Jewish bloggers, I was going to write about the end of the eight days of Passover but a number of people have done it far better than I could so after my weekly shopping I thought I would write about something else.

For those of us who are religious but do not live there, helping Israel is a mitzvah (something we are requested to do by law - whether explicitely or implicitely).

There are quite a number of ways we can help: by going there, fighting the media bias whenever Israel is misrepresented in the news, making donations to charities and causes there, etc.

One of my favorites is to buy Israeli products. There are products of the land we remember every day in our prayers; they also seem to be a link between those who live there and those (like me) who still live in exile.

If you live in a small French town with no kosher shops around this might seem quite awesome. Yet if you start paying attention to the labels while shopping, you soon realize that it is not an impossible challenge. You can easily buy Israeli fruit juice, sweet potatoes, fresh herbs, green grapefruit, avocadoes, etc. You can even order Israeli wine on the web via an online supermarket I use for kosher products and that delivers it on your doorstep within 24 hours.

Now funnily enough at this time of year, new potatoes here are not French potatoes but Israeli potatoes. So this morning I bought my pound of new potatoes and tomorrow night an egg and potato salad will feature on the Shabbat menu contributing in its own way to what this weekly day of rest means for us.