May 13th, 2007


Save Darfur!

I was going to write about the French elections but my feelings are too ruffled and mixed up to think straight so far. To put it in a nutshell, my fear is that even if the cake gets bigger it will only make the fat cats get fatter and this is not my idea of what politics should be about.

Yet I hope to be proved wrong and maybe I will.

So I decided to write about Darfur instead. Like most people I had heard about Darfur but the whole problem was a bit vague to me before I came across this interesting article on aish website. I am not too fond of aish, in fact I much prefer the OU website, but this is not the point.

The fact is that I was moved and felt I had to be more involved when I read Ruth Wessinger's piece of writing. When Hitler assassinated our people, more than sixty years ago, the world did not move. When the Shoah was over, we cried 'never again' and we were right to do so. The situation is obviously not the same as it was then. However another people is being massacred and since we live in a global village, we all know about it.

So far we have been far too silent and have done far too little. We can get informed very easily, we can make donations to prevent the people of Darfur from dying of starvation and finally we should pressurize our politicians into taking action on Darfur. It is high time the UN took effective resolutions against the Sudanese regime. Action and sanctions do work, as Jews we have a duty to speak out.