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New dog

I've had very little time to update my blog recently. One of the reasons is that, owing to the health reasons I've mentioned before, our school has been relocated in different parts of the town. So I spend a lot of time rushing around and then a lot of time trying to get some rest!

Another reason is the new dog that we've had for a month and a half. Her name is Poppy. She is a Cavalier King Charles, aged 4 months. Now she needs a lot of attention and presence therefore I try to be downstairs with her whenever I am at home and as my computer is in my study - no laptop yet - it also means less time in front of the screen!

This post gives me an opportunity to mention a great fellow blogger, Treppenwitz, and to suggest a link to a nice and humorous piece he wrote about his own http://bogieworks.blogs.com/treppenwitz/2006/12/ok_before_we_ge.html, Jordan.
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Thanks for blogrolling me! I appreciate it a lot!

Poppy is really cute, hope she will bring you lots of joy and fun!

/Jewish Smörgåsbord


Very cute puppy... my brother-in-law has one named Phoebe!

As you may or may not know, Treppenwitz is my brother -- a good guy!
In fact I only realized after I had left a message on your blog. I recognized his kids in the photos. Your daughter is gorgeous too.