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Naomi Ragen

Naomi Ragen's fight

I am a regular reader of the high quality English newspaper The Jewish Chronicle. This morning I got the latest issue and read an article by Naomi Ragen.

Naomi Ragen is a Jewish author. Sha was born and raised in the States before moving to Israel when she got married. She is also a committed Orthodox Jew. Even so she is involved in a court battle to put an end to gender segregation on Israeli buses after being verbally attacked by a religious fanatic when she refused to move to the rear of the bus on an unmarked ordinary bus.

This article she wrote for The Jewish Chronicle is convincing; there is no need in Judaism for segregated buses. Unsegregated buses do not violate the rules of modesty. Moreover they are distressing, humiliating and only contribute to oppressing women. In other words they are against Jewish law, which prohibits inflicting any form of humiliation and pain on a fellow human being.

For obvious copyright reason, I cannot reproduce the article but you can read about Naomi's abuse and fight on her site.



How ironic that we discussed Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks in my class this week. I am always amazed at man's inventiveness in justifying oppression. There is absolutely no logic at all to the actions of the haredi men; they revealed only their misogyny. For if the halakhic concern were simply sitting apart from the sole woman at the front of the bus, the first male passenger should have taken the back section, and all subsequent men should have joined him there. Where in the Torah or Talmud does it say that men must always be in front of women? Maddening.