ilana-davita (ilana_davita) wrote,

Gearing up for Pesach 2

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had ordered Marge Piercy's book about Pesach. I eventually received it last Tuesday and started reading it straight away. Now I highly recommend it, whether you are a traditional Jew or a less conventional one.

Marge Piercy beautifully combines tradition and more contemporary thoughts, highlighting how the different aspects of Pesach are still relevant for us today. Obviously, this is not something I ever doubted, on the contrary I marvel on the relevance of our tradition (almost) daily. However, Marge Piercy is a writer and she has obviously spent a lot of time investigating Jewish commentaries on Pesach. Thus she manages to convey the wealth contained in each detail of the seder night in a way I could never dream of achieving.
Tags: books, judaism, pesach
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