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Amos Oz

Tale(s) of Love and Darkness

I started reading Amos Oz's novel A Tale of Love and Darkness last night and have read about 50 pages so far. Even though I have not read much of it yet, I have the feeling that I picked a masterpiece when I chose it in the public library a couple of days ago.

This book is about national history (Oz's Zionist parents arrived in Israel before World War II), personal stories, stories written by others, memories and telling stories but above all it is a tale that questions the way you remember things and weave them so that they become your own inner and/or public story.

Shabbat Shalom!
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I've been meaning to read that book, it looks good. I've read a few of Oz's books and haven't exactly loved them- parts I liked, parts I didn't- but this one looks like a history of the country in its early years and that fascinates me.


Sorry, forgot to say that RR (from Ra'anana Ramblings) left that comment! This comment section is a bit different than the ones I'm used to.
In fact, I had read another one of his novels which I had only moderately enjoyed but this one was quite different.