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First post ever.

This is my first attempt at blogging. I regularly read a number of blogs, whose links can be found at the bottom of this page, and now I feel like trying myself.

I am a Conservative Jew with Modern Orthodox leanings, hence the subtitle of this blog. I admire these two trends of Judaism for their courage in attempting to tackle the issues of today. We often refer to the Torah as the "tree of life" and thus I believe that Hashem gave it to us to live with in our time. Yet as I feel committed to Halakhah (Jewish law) I also consider that these answers ought to be given within the framework of the Torah. I sometimes disagree or even feel angry with the answers but I enjoy the challenge and honesty.

The name of the blog itself is a tribute to Chaim Potok, of blessed memory, who is my favourite Jewish writer. I just love his books and his characters. My favourite is "The Chosen". If you have never read anything by Potok, this is a good one to begin with. A close second is "Davita's Harp" where the heroine is a young Jewish girl who discovers her Jewish roots and heritage and comes to challenge the laws of the community she belongs to.
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Two Wonderful Posts!

The Chosen is my favorite Potok book, too. I must have reread it five or six times! (I also like the sequel, The Promise.) Davita's Harp is equally wonderful; when I was choosing my Hebrew name, I nearly went with Davita in honor of her character! I feel as swept up in the music as she, and as frustrated with Orthodox Jewry's exclusion of women. However, I wish I had an inkling of her talent for Hebrew!

Don't you just love Reuven for doing the honorable thing?

Thanks for posting your challah recipe!
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